Purpose of Partnership Grants Program

The Artists in Community Partnerships Grants Program has two purposes;

• create jobs by empowering county artists – from all disciplines, theater, music, writing, dance, and the visual arts — to apply their project leadership, creative and problem solving skills to reaching community goals and to help address community issues.

• enhance the community through culturally significant art-making projects. The artists residing and working in the county have unique skill sets and are by nature creative problem solvers. Research shows that when artists are included on the teams that identify, address, and remediate community problems, the results are the most effective solutions.

The funded Partnership projects should be designed to mutually benefit both partners; the non-arts community partner will benefit from the resulting product/program and the artist will benefit by stretching their career experiences in new directions while creating a new project or body of work that employs their unique skills. The program seeks to employ the innovative capacity of artists to identify fresh ways that the arts can transform the everyday lives of county residents. The ultimate goal is to show how the arts can interact with non-arts sectors of the community to their mutual benefit, while at the same time using the inherent powers of the arts experience to expand the view of the arts in new populations.

What is an Artist in Community Partnership Project?

An Artist in Community Partnership Project brings artists and non-arts community agencies/organizations together in new and creative ways that enliven and strengthen both partners. The ultimate goal is to fund new work through collaborations between artists and community organizations. The creation of work will be fully executed within a specified timeline and contain a public component. These projects will possess artistic quality, imaginative scope and vision, interaction with the community, and a final product or program that addresses a mutually agreed upon community issue or problem.

Partnerships will also enable artists to deepen and advance their work and foster their artistic careers. The artists may use the Partnerships to explore new relationships, expand work already in progress, or accomplish work not heretofore financially feasible. The artist’s work will enhance or spotlight a site-specific or organizational relationship in a project that benefits both the artist and the community as a whole.



Artist in Community Partnership Projects must be completed in a maximum of 12 months.

Funding the Projects:

• the first 1/3 of the funded project’s budget will be provided by the VCAC

• the second 1/3 of the funded project’s budget will be provided by the community partner(s) of the individual artist grantee

• the final 1/3 of the funded project’s budget can be provided by posting the project on an online fundraising site such as Kickstarter® or other fundraising platform. The VCAC will assist the grantee by engaging resources to support the grantees in posting their projects online. An alternative method of raising this final portion could be a benefactor, or creative community fundraising event the final 1/3 of the budget will be raised following the announcement of the grantees in and will have allotted time to complete the budget process. However, no project will proceed until the project budget has been fully funded. A minimum total of $10,000 will be available from VCAC for grants in this cycle. In this round requests up to a maximum of $2,000 will be considered (Example: the total budget for the project receiving $2,000 from VCAC would be $6,000). Funding is offered with the following benefits and responsibilities:

• Artist Benefit and Responsibility – The Artist in the Community Partnership may complete, expand, or create a new body of work or project that demonstrates high artistic quality, innovation, creativity in programming andpresentation, while involving direct community participation in addressing a community goal or a site-specific relationship with their partner.

• Community Organization Benefit and Responsibility – For the community agency/organization partner, the Partnership will result in works that highlight their social, historical and cultural benefits to our community, or that help them advance their direct community services. The project should impact a group of citizens in the county by helping to provide them with a greater sense of self, family, community, place, etc. Through collaborations, the partnership model provides an arena for artistic collaboration around an explicit issue or a specific creative process. The partnership provides opportunities for Ventura County artists from all disciplines to engage members of the broader community in the joys of the creative process. The process will result in a project or body of work by the artist grantee that reflects the inspiration of a location or of a group of residents for or with whom the project was accomplished.

The ultimate goal of the Artist in the Community Partnership Program is to deeply engage the broader community in the artistic experience, and leave behind an encounter that forever embeds the arts as a useful tool for addressing community issues.


Possible Community collaborators:

Examples include, but are not limited to: hospitals, nursing homes, museums, community centers, businesses, nonprofit social service agencies, science/research sites, neighborhoods, schools, agriculture, the military, chambers of commerce, government, recycling businesses, etc.

Possible Partnership topics:

Examples include, but are not limited to: environment, social inequities, economy, health & aging issues, recycling, disabilities, youth, seniors, cross-generational or cross-cultural communication, historical research, etc.


• Applicant artists must be members of the Ventura County Arts Council. Individual Membership applications.

• Partnership grants are available only to artists who have been residents of Ventura County for at least one year. Their community partner must also be located in Ventura County, but can be a local satellite of a company/nonprofit whose headquarters are located elsewhere.

• Artists wishing to apply are required to attend one of the following two information meetings, at which funding and other topics will be covered:

• A weekday evening

• A Saturday morning:.

Review Process

The Ventura County Arts Council will convene an independent peer panel to review applications. The Review Panel will be composed of artists, arts professionals representing a range of aesthetic perspectives, and the community at large. The review process will assess each applicant’s past work and current proposal. Funding recommendations will be forwarded to the VCAC Board of Directors for final approval. Funding Criteria

• The artist is qualified and prepared to take on the proposed program. Artistic qualifications are demonstrated by submitted samples of the artist’s work, training and experience, resumé and letters of recommendation.

• The community need or service described by the applicant’s community partner is an important and valuable service. Community need can be demonstrated through letters of support from their clientele and community leaders.

• Ability of partners to develop and implement the plan as evidenced by the application.

• The proposed project will have a significant impact on the needs or goals of the population described in the application.

• The artist is a Member of the Ventura County Arts Council.

• The application is completed as per the directions

• The project budget is realistic, and the funding requested is appropriate.

• Rights to use the images of the Partnership process and end product are granted

The Artist in the Community Partnership Review Panel will review proposals and forward recommendations to the VCAC Board of Directors for final approval.

If awarded a grant:

• Applicants will be notified regarding funding decisions in September 2015. Grantchecks will be distributed as soon as full funding sources has been secured.

• The funding period will be 12 month from notification of funding.

• All grantees will receive written terms that must be signed and returned to theVCAC prior to disbursement of funding.

• Interim contact will be made with all grantees by a member of the grant review panel to offer assistance to help the team meet the intent of the Partnership program.

Final Report – A written Final Report, accompanied by photos, participant statements, receipts, and invoices for all budget expenditures, will be due to the VCAC Board 30 days following the completion of the project The final 1/6 of the budget payment of the approved funding will be released following the submission of a complete Final Report.

Application Due Date – Friday, October 30, 2015

Artist in the Community Partnership Grant proposals must be received in the VCAC office by 5:00pm, on the deadline date. Postmarked, faxed, late or incomplete proposals will not be accepted.

Applications will be accepted by mail or in person at

Ventura County Arts Council, 646 County Square Drive, Suite 154, Ventura, CA 93003-

0436. If needed, feel free to call (805) 658-2213 for driving directions.


A. APPLICATION PACKET: One original with signatures and 3 copies, 3-hole punched, collated, paper clipped sets, including:

 Cover Page

 Proposal Narrative – Maximum of 3 pages using 12 point font size

 Work Samples – CD -1 only, DVD – 1 only, but multiple copy sets of writing

 Attachments – Letter of Agreement including commitment of financial

 Letters of Recommendation for artist

 Signature Page – with original signatures

 Budget Page – project budget must be submitted on budget form page,

samples, manuscripts, and CD & DVD work sample listings contribution to project signed by authorized person from community partner. showing all sources and amounts of all funding