Artists In The Classroom

Ventura County Arts Council- Artists in Classroom

Teaching Residency Program  

VCAC’s Artists in the Classroom program offers eight week residencies in dance, music, poetry, visual and performing arts. Many of our instructors bring a multi-cultural and historical awareness to their lessons, helping students gain an understanding of their own and other cultures, past and present.

Our professional artist educators have taught children of all ages.  When a classroom teacher selects a residency, the teaching artist tailors the eight-week program to the appropriate grade level.

The fee for an eight week residency is $500.00, payable to the Ventura County Arts Council.  We secure additional funding to help pay for arts supplies not generally available in a school’s materials inventory and not included in the cost of the residency. VCAC is the Custodian of Records for our teaching artists. Each teacher carries personal liability insurance.

Program History and Growth 

In 2014, the Ventura County Office of Education turned over administration of its Artists in the Classroom program to VCAC. A primary focus of our mission is increasing arts instruction in schools while striving for inclusivity. This is the only arts education program available to every K-8 school in the county.

In year one, VCAC facilitated 112 artist residencies, a 40% increase over the previous year. In 2016, that number grew to 134, a 20% increase, serving 12 elementary schools in 8 county districts, 7 that were Title 1 schools.

This summer, VCAC received a grant from the California Arts Council for a Dual Language Full Immersion arts program at Bard Elementary. Julie Sanchez is our Artists in the Classroom Program Director, working to increase residencies, expand the number of schools where our teaching artists work, and improve the overall quality of arts education in Ventura County schools.

There is an open call to artist educators to apply to VCAC for a teaching position.


CLICK HERE for an Arts Instructor’s application form.  Or please consider donating any amount to our Education Programs.