General Calendar of Programs – This calendar is intended to provide viewers with the general timing of various programs.  You should always check the specific information related to a give program for specific dates and times.


Artists in the Classroom – Arts instructors should register on the Council’s list of potential instructors.  They may be called on at any time by a school to teach.

 Al-Awar High School Student Art Scholarship – This art show for Ventura County high school art students is held in March, but applications for the scholarships must be submitted in February.

California Summer School for the Arts – This program is run through the high schools and middle schools and seeks students (8th -12th grade) who excel in the arts to experience four weeks of exciting hands on work at Cal Arts in Valencia.  The Council spreads the word to the schools and hosts a special reception for the accepted students in May or June.

Poetry Out Loud Statewide Competition – See this same listing below under Written Arts.

Cultural Arts Endowment

The Council welcomes individuals, organizations, businesses, and foundations to contribute at any time to the existing established Endowment held by the Ventura County Community Foundation.  We suggest you work through the Council office to help ensure that your contributions are correctly routed to the Endowment.


Arts-in-the-Classroom Mini-Grant – The announcements for this program goes out in fall and spring and the winners are typically announced about a month later so the arts education program can occur during the school semesters.

Artists in Community Partnerships – Applications are accepted in January and usually awarded in March.

 High School Music Grants – Applications are accepted in the fall and grants awarded in January.

Professional Visual Arts Grant Program  – The timing of this program depends on funds being available to fund the grants.  It is recommended artists register their email addresses with the Council so they can be notified of this program’s timing.  CLICK HERE to Register.  Link to Static Content Box – Register

Art Stars

Nominations are usually solicited in the Spring and a selection panel convenes in the late Summer to select the Art Stars.  The ceremonies are usually held in October.

Visual Arts

Atrium Gallery Competitive and Curated Shows – These run continuously with old shows coming down the same Wednesday a new show goes up.  The shows are changed out about every 6 to 7 weeks.

Executive Waiting Rooms – With the change out in curated and competitive shows in the Atrium Gallery (6-7 week cycle), employees from two executive offices adjacent to the Gallery select work to be on display in their respective office waiting rooms that are accessible from the Gallery.  Artists can volunteer to display their work if selected.

 Special Art Installations – Unique special installations of art in the Atrium Gallery can be considered at any time.  They do not have to be timed with the scheduled art shows in the gallery.  CLICK HERE to connect via email to the Gallery Coordinator to outline your proposal.  Any artist may make a proposal.

Outdoor public Art – There is an area set aside for public outdoor art near the County Hall of Administration.  This space and other ad hoc spaces are generally open to having outdoor art installed, albeit with some structural and safety considerations.  Proposals can come from anyone at any time. CLICK HERE to connect via email to the Gallery Coordinator to outline your proposal.

Art Patrons Program (art rental) Any time patrons have been identified who would like to have art in their offices or commercial establishments, the Council will put out a Call to Artists on our mailing list.  Timing of such calls is dependent on the “Patrons.”

Written Arts

Poet Laureate – The Laureate serves a two-year term that begins in even numbered years, e.g. 2014-2015.  The selection process for a new poet Laureate begins in the late Spring of the odd numbered years, so a new Laureate can be installed the beginning of the next even numbered years.  CLICK HERE to link to the Poet laureate Program and the nomination process and forms.  See also on-going opportunities to be engaged with and contribute to the program.

Poetry Out Loud Statewide Competition – Coaching and discussions with interested students from the county high schools begins early each year.  The County competition to choose a delegate to the State Competition is usually held in February with the State Competition in Sacramento held in March.

 Musical Arts

Pianos in PublicAny time someone wishes to be a responsible custodian for a piano in public, a piano can be secured in a reasonably short time.