Art Instructors

Call To Arts Instructors – The Council has a number of programs that need instructors, such as Arts In The Classroom, Poetry Out Loud, Artists in Residency at Providence School.   In addition, we have periodically partnered with organizations on other programs that need instructors.  One example is a program with the Turning Point Foundation that works with the mentally ill.  Other parties may also have a need for qualified instructors such as art enrichment programs for home-schooled children, writing coaches in senior living facilities where memoirs can be created.  And lastly, there individuals seeking private instruction, or artists seeking coaching, business consultation and training.

The Arts Council believes it can provide a service to artists by allowing them to sign up on a master list that lays out their qualifications so that prospective clients can readily find them.  Conversely, having a list of practitioners that artists can call on would also aid artists.  Clients can be served by having “one stop shopping” for their instructional needs.  To fund the maintenance of this list, we may ask the instructors to pay a one-time fee to be placed on the list after the Council has confirmed the information you submitted to be on the list, e.g. that you have passed a background test or have been tested for TB.  Users of the list may also be asked to pay a comparable fee to be connected to the artist of their choosing.  Such fees under-write the cost of maintaining the list.

Additional costs may also be borne by artists for background checks, finger printing, TB inoculations, and liability insurance.  Some or all of these factors may be required by some clients, particularly schools.   The Arts Council will assist artists in these matters by directing them to the appropriate parties (see end of Application Form).

In all these matters, the Council is listing instructors as prospective independent contractors hired by other parties.  The artists are NOT employees of the Arts Council.  CLICK HERE to reach the Executive Director via email if you have more questions.

[Application form] and referal information

Link to List of Instructors on website under development


Introduction – The Arts Council receives numbers of requests for art instructors each year.  In addition many artists are looking for training and consultants to enhance the artist’s “art business.”  The Council is assembling a comprehensive list of arts related instructors that we intend to post on our website for people looking for your services.  To be considered for inclusion on this list, the Council asks you to fill out this form and submit it to the VCAC office.   A one time fee to be listed may also be required.  In certain cases you will be required to pass a background check after being fingerprinted, have insurance, a TB test etc.  Such qualifications are often required by schools, but not necessarily by other users of the List.  So, you are not required to have extensive qualifications to be the List, but you may not be eligible for some assignments either.  Find contact information for certain certifications following this application form.


Mailing Address:

Email Address:

Landline Phone:

Mobile Phone:


Current Arts Council member _____ Yes,  ______No


Education & Training (list degrees and certifications, BA art history, MFA conducting, etc.)


Arts Disciplines (check applicable categories and add details and years of experience)

____ Visual

____ Model

____ Instrumental Musical

____ Voice/choir

____ Prose

____ Poetry

____ Theater

____ Photography

____ Film/Video

____ Marketing/advertising

____ Business for artists

____ Website design and management

____ Other

Desired Instruction Location (add number of years teaching in your desired location)

____ In artist’s home/studio

____ In student’s home/studio

____ Elementary Schools

____ Middle Schools

____ High Schools

____ Count Managed Schools e.g. juvenal hall (Providence School), Gateway School, etc

____ Residential complexes (e.g. mobile home parks, 55+ complexes)

____ Senior Residential Care Homes

____ Facilities for people with mental health issues

____ Seminar locations

____ Other


How far are you willing to travel to teach:


How many students can you instruct at one time:


I have the following additional qualifications:  Checked items must be supplied to VCAC

____ California State teaching credential

____ Teaching credential from another state (which one):

____ Taken a classroom management class

____ Finger-printed

____ Passed a background check

____ Passed a TB exposure test

____ Liability insurance of $1,000,000 or more



If this form cannot be filled out on line, download it; fill it out and mail or FAX it to the VCAC office.








Teaching credential: submit a copy of what was issued to you

Classroom management class: VCAC periodically offers a class that meets this qualification as do some colleges as a part of a teaching credential

Finger-printed: by Ventura County Office of Education located at ____________________________________

Your prints will be sent to the State Department of Justice where a Background Check will be run.  The results of that review are sent to the VCAC

Passed a background check: by Department of Justice which passes results to VCAC

Passed a TB exposure test: administered by your doctor or public health office


Liability insurance of $1,000,000 or more – The VCAC has identified an insurance company that can provide this coverage for less than $200 a year.  There may be other providers.  Having such insurance may be useful more than your instructional work.  K & K Insurance Group