Curators for Exhibitions-Atrium Gallery

Curators for Exhibitions in the Atrium Gallery – There are typically seven curated exhibits in the Atrium Gallery each year.  They are installed in parallel with the regularly scheduled competitive shows elsewhere in the Gallery on 6 to 7 week intervals.  The Council is looking for interesting and thoughtful exhibitions and curators to manage them.  We have had curated shows that emphasize various mediums (collage, digital art, and prints), the talents of entire collegiate art departments, and themes such as aging, war, and the power of art to heal.

There is no compensation for such exhibits, but the installation materials are available along with guidance from the Gallery Coordinator.  If you have an idea for an exhibition or are willing to organize an exhibit around an existing idea, let us know.  Solo shows by artists are not encouraged.  Curators can be one or more people, or an organization such as the faculty and students of an art department. to contact the Gallery Coordinator with your ideas or curatorial interests.