Indoor/Outdoor Art Installation

Indoor/Outdoor Art Installations – Over the years Ventura County staff have  periodically allowed a number of special art installations in various locations on the government center grounds.  They have been in place for short periods, typically less than three months.   Among some of the works that have been installed outdoors have been:

  • A life-size and very realistic bear made of welded-together horse shoes
  • Swans bobbing in the water fountain
  • Ships sailing between palm trees some 15’ in the air
  • A floral arrangement powered by a water fountain
  • A chandelier suspended between tree limbs that was a back drop for many weddings

Other special art installations may be erected in the Atrium Gallery.   These must be uniquely adapted to function in a public workplace, while also surprising and entertaining the employees and visitors.  Among the works installed indoors have been:

  • A thousand cranes suspended from an overhead cable
  • An inflatable sun with solar flares that was some 20 feet in diameter
  • Iridescent yarn that was strung between three floors of the Atrium Gallery

A carpeted wall in the entryway to the Hall of Administration (and the Atrium Gallery) is also periodically available for unique exhibits of wall-hung work.


Proposals for special installations are welcomed and can be made to the Gallery Coordinator at any time.  CLICK HERE to send an email to the Coordinator.


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