Join Ventura County Arts Council

Join Ventura County Arts Council


The VCAC is a 501c3 non-profit (Tax ID # 77-0450542) that supports itself through memberships, grants, and donations.  You can provide vital support to the organization through your annual membership and donations.

Your contributions help VCAC further its mission: Supporting and strengthening the arts throughout Ventura County by fostering a healthy environment in which the arts and culture can thrive and be accessible to all.

We suggest you CLICK HERE to read About Us, and our PROGRAMS (CLICK HERE) While some programs are maintained from year to year, each year brings different opportunities and challenges.  Thus, our programs shift from year to year.  Some expand, some contract.  Others are suspended until funding can be restored.

All our programs and activities are accomplished with one full-time Director and one part-time staff member, PLUS volunteers and in-kind support from a variety of sources.  Therefore, your financial contribution to the organization is not spent on costly overhead, but delivers quality programs directly to the public.

AFFILIATES vs MEMBERS – We encourage everyone (individual, organization, business, etc.) to register without charge as an Affiliate of the VCAC.  However, for a small membership fee, Members are eligible for many useful benefits.  These are outlined on the following page (Membership Benefits).  Whether you want to register as an Affiliate or join as a Member, CLICK HERE for an on-line Registration/ Membership form so we can best serve you.

DONATIONS – Individuals who wish to support the VCAC, but not as an Affiliate, Member or volunteer, should consider a financial or in-kind service donation to the organization.  These might be one-time bequests, funding for a particular program, undesignated contributions, or gifts of materials, supplies and services.  They are all welcomed.  Please feel free to call the office (805) 658-2213 to discuss any donations, or explore our website for ideas.


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