Economic and Social Impacts

VCAC By the Numbers

Periodically the Council compiles data on its programs related to the amount of money injected into the community and the numbers of participants and beneficiaries. The data is based on the major programs the Council administers.

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The VCAC database includes 4,000 + supporters/donors/artists that we reach via
DATABASE: 7,000+

e-mail and US Mail. Another 3,000 include arts organizations, prospective donors and visitors to our Facebook page. The VCAC has uploaded our cleaned and de-duped list to the Exceed Donor management software so that we can track contacts and amounts for each name on the list.


Funded 20 artists in the 2009-2012 rounds, which included: public performances, public art, creative writing for ESL students with their parents, the research for a theatre piece using interviews with vets from WWII through Afghanistan and Iraq, art activities at a long-term care facility, art classes for tagger youth, and music classes for low-income housing youth. Community partners included firefighters, municipalities, schools, medical facilities, women’s shelters, and animal shelters.

VISUAL & PERFORMING ARTS RESIDENCY IN JUVENILE FACILITY: $23,000 paid to artist/teachers, 940 students with 400 hours of art classes

Four artist/teachers collectively provided eight hours of art classes a week in: violin and guitar instruction/music history, painting/drawing/art history, and theater exercises/theater history; to 940 individual students.

ARTS-IN-THE-CLASSROOM MINI-GRANT PROGRAM: $4,000 to artist/teachers reaching 3,400 students/teachers/parents

Funding an average of 8 elementary school programs per year that provide classroom projects, assembly programs, and covered some professional development sessions for teachers.


Sponsored a 2-page spread in the Visitor Guide for 7 arts nonprofit organizations and 7 artists from within the City of Ventura as well as from throughout the region.

VISUAL ARTS EXHIBITS IN THE ATRIUM GALLERY AT COUNTY GOVERNMENT CENTER – $4,800 cash awards, 750,000 visitors, 266 distinct artists, ages youth through octogenarian, residents from all the cities in the county annually, as well as artists from Santa Barbara and Los Angeles Counties.

The Atrium Gallery hosts 15 separate art exhibits in the Hall of Administration at the County Government Center, and 8 receptions. The Gallery includes 400+ linear feet of exhibit space, plus public art exhibits on the grounds of the Government Center. Visitors are estimated at 3,000 per day, 5 days a week, 52 weeks per year. Many artists participated in more than one of the 15 exhibits, and their ages ranged from children to octogenarians. The National Arts Program supports a County Employees and their families show, while the Tamima Al-Awar Memorial Scholarship show is for graduating high school seniors.


Sources of Information on the Economic Impacts of the Arts

There are numerous studies related to the positive impacts the arts have, whether of an economic, social, personal nature. This page lists various sources for such information. If you have a good source of information please forward the reference to the Arts Council office CLICK HERE to send an email to website manager.




Printed Studies

2013 Otis Report on the Creative Economy California Los Angeles Region

Prepared for Otis College of Art and Design by the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation

Impact of Ventura County Arts Council Programs