Poem of the week- Christina Svolos: “Lost & Betrayed”

I had a friend named Lilianna Marie.

She liked to dance, sing, and was happy.

She had a smile that lit up the room,

And never was friends with a rude attitude.

Lilianna Marie took an unknown path one day.

She was lost, we worried that she went astray.

When she came back we greeted her with joyful tears.

She greeted us with a face full of frightfulness and fear.

Lilianna Marie had changed that day,

she had gone missing, lost, astray.


I had a friend named Lilianna Marie.

She was transformed into something we did not know she could be.

She had morphed into something none of us understood,

A very troubled teen, who robbed herself of her own childhood.

We worried and wondered for a couple of years.

If anything could change these presumptions, these fears…

Until we realized one day,

Poor Lilianna Marie could not be changed.

I will give you fair warning, watch out for yourself.

She killed her best friend’s spirit-

a troubled girl with no help.


by Christina Svolos

Poet BIO:

My name is Christina Svolos and I live in the West San Fernando Valley. I am finishing my second year at CSU, Channel Islands as an English major with an emphasis in creative writing. I hope to become a copywriter and published author, as I have attempted to write my first novel. I also love to paint and go to Disneyland!


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