Poem of the week- Julia Young: “PIZZA”




Have a slice of melted cheese that can drip

into your mouth

the ichor of life

my crack, my drug

the tomato sauce heated and moistening

the bread in my bite

my mouth gone like a shooting star


Nostalgic childhood

birthdays or slumber parties when the best moment

would come in a bite with relish

with animal zeal


The herbs in the sauce show me

the sweet or sour disposition of my food

the cheese that stretches and is breathtakingly fun

to the eyes and taste buds

fun returns as brown spots disappear into yum


The crust crunches and represents someone’s favor

rise and let it into your mouth at the speed of gone

along with childhood

I bid you adieu


I still eat it but now I eat it grown

compared to the little girl I was

when pizza was my best friend


Poet statement:

Julia was born in Los Angeles, California. She grew up with disabilities and used poetry as a medium for expression. She wrote her first poem in fourth grade at eleven years old. Julia is currently in her final semester at college, California State University Channel Islands.

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