Artist in Community Partnerships


Artists in Community Partnerships – This program invests in Ventura County by partnering qualified, accomplished artists from all disciplines with public and private organizations and businesses to address problems and opportunities through creative and artistic means.  Applications may be submitted by the project artist or the partnering entity.  The applications are reviewed by a panel created by the Arts Council for consistency with the objectives of grant program.  The funding from the Arts Council varies from year to year based on contributions from supporting foundations.  Each project is generally funded on a three-part basis: one third from the partnering entity, one third by the Arts Council (up to a prescribed limit), and one third by the artist raising funds from the community at large.  The at-large contributions are often raised through such on-line fund-raising sites as KickStarter.


The program is announced through the media and the Council’s own contact list (a good reason to be “Registered” as an Affiliate with the Council).  Interested parties are invited to an information session where the program is explained and examples of past projects are presented.  Once the winners have been announced, a limited amount of time is allowed to collect the required funds to complete the project.  Most projects must be completed within a year.   Plays based on interviews with war veterans have been written (and later staged), public art installed, and fire memorials created (among other projects) as a part of this program.

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