Professional Visual Artists Grant

Professional Visual Arts Grant Program – At the suggestion of Gerd Koch and Carol Milton, the Arts Council worked with these two outstanding Ventura County artists to create a grants program that would reward established professional visual artists in Ventura County.  The initial funding for the program came from the sale of artwork created or owned by Gerd and Carol and various other sources. Grants were first awarded in 2011 to six recipients after a careful application and selection process.

With the initial success of the program, other artists expressed interest in supporting the program.  Based on the pioneering work by Gerd and Carol the funding for the program has been broadened so that other artists and patrons can contribute to it.  This is done through the sale of artwork where a percentage of the sales are donated to the Council for the program.   This is managed in such a way as to facilitate a charitable tax donation credit to the donating party, ideally the artist/owner of the art.  Details about this sales program can be obtained by calling the VCAC executive director at (805) 658-2213; or CLICK HERE to connect to the Charitable Art Sales Program.

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