Programs Under Development

Programs Under Development – The Arts Council (and the arts community) is always thinking up new programs or ways to augment existing ones.  Listed below is a fluctuating list of programs that are crying out to have a champion to shepherd them to fruition.  If you are such a “champion” or an amiable assistant, please contact us.  If you have a creative new program idea we would also like to hear from you.  CLICK HERE to connect to the office via email.

Mapped Inventory of Public Art – This is a program we have given a lot of thought to, but which requires a “Champion” to manage it.  What we envision is “treasure hunt” of sorts where the public can scout out public art throughout Ventura County (in-doors and out), photograph it, then go on the VCAC website to register its location, the artist’s name, etc.  The location would be shown on a map with each “pinned” location linked to detailed information about the work in question.  It is a big job, but perhaps with crowd-sourcing and a savvy coordinator it can come to pass.

Art Patron Program – This program has been fully developed, but it has not been implemented.  It involves placing art in offices and other public locations on a rental basis.  We have artists that would be interested, but we need hosts (Art Patrons) who are willing to pay a modest fee to display the artwork on a rotating basis.  CLICK HERE to learn more about the program.

Ventura County Poetry Anthology – Every two years the Arts Council appoints a County-wide Poet Laureate.  Simultaneously we would like to publish an anthology of poetry selected by the Laureate.  The anthology would be designed for use in schools to teach poetry, and sales of the anthology help fund a stipend for the Poet Laureate.  If you would like to assist with this project, CLICK HERE to reach the Poet Laureate by email.

Pianos in Public – Santa Barbara does it on State Street, and other cities around the world have placed pianos in public places for passers-bye to play to their hearts content.  Google this topic to see the range of locations where pianos have been located.  Often the donated up-right pianos are painted by artists before their public appearances.  When they have outlived their usefulness, other artists have been known to use various parts of the pianos for other artful purposes.

Our program first took hold when Café on A in downtown Oxnard agreed to host a donated piano and put it to good use.  The Council is seeking other “hosts” or “care-takers” for future pianos.  These could be a business, and individual, or organization that will manage the piano and put it to productive public use.   Pianos might be hosted by a school and moved about the campus, or by a City and brought out for public events.  Pianos left outside need special attention and covers to endure the elements.  The Arts Council believes it can locate suitable pianos, but also needs “hosts’, piano movers and tuners to make the program hum.

Arts & Culture Endowment for Ventura County – The Council has contributed $3,000 towards an ultimate goal of a $100,000+ endowment to support the arts on behalf of the residents of Ventura County.  It can grow with your contributions, or with your assistance in securing contributions.  Your loose change (and more) would be a valued addition to this fund.  CLICK HERE to express your interest and arrange with the Executive Director the best way to make a contribution.

Art in Hotels – Local hotels are logical venues for local art.  Making it attractive for the hotel owners to invest in local art is a challenge.  This program envisions hotels hanging art in their lobbies and common areas on a rotating basis.  The Crowne Plaza does this currently using a local curator.  In addition a case can be made for the hotel to invest in its own collection of local art that could also be on display.  Working with the artists whose work was purchased, the hotel could have prints made and installed in the guest rooms instead of the usual commercial prints from nameless artists.  If guests liked the art they could purchase the prints just as they might purchase a bathrobe or other hotel-labeled items.  The hotels involved could better distinguish themselves from their peers with original art on display and prints for sale.  CLICK HERE for more details about this program.