Art Patron Program

Art Patrons Program (art rental) – The Arts Council operates a number of art exhibits and shows that are readily accessible to the public.  These are primarily in the Ventura County Government Center.  Employees and agencies at the Government Center have expressed interest in having art in their private offices and work areas.  Since this artwork would rarely be seen by the general public and thus offer the exhibiting artist little public exposure; most artists are unwilling to lend their art for free for such displays.  The Arts Council fully supports this position and has outlined a program whereby willing artists can rent their art to such public agencies and individuals, or to private businesses.


Parties serving as “Hosts” for such art can fill out a questionnaire so the Council and its member artists can learn the type of art that is desired, available space, and any hanging limitations.  Artist members of the Council can indicate if they are interested in providing art on a rental basis to various parties.  Ideally, suitable matches will be found.  The artist and the “patron” work out most of the details using the guidance documents provided by the Arts Council. to contact the Gallery Coordinator about this program.


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