SERVICES – The Arts Council provides a number of services for its members and for the Ventura County arts community.  These are in addition to the numerous Programs it initiates and administers.  Scroll down through the list of existing services below.  If we can offer a useful service, contact us with your suggestions.  Where there is a fee for the service (such as rental of equipment) VCAC members receive a discount. to contact the office via email for additional information, or to make suggestions.   You may also call the office at (805) 658-2213.

  • Rental of equipment/materials –

o   Metal Mesh Panels 3’wide x 6’high – There are 24 such panels.  They come in two 3’ x 3’ sections for easier handling.  They can be linked together with metal “Feet” which also allow them to be free-standing.

  • Consulting on arts issues – Between the Executive Director, the Council’s board of directors, and our contacts; we have a wealth of information that may be useful to parties wishing to enter the art field, e.g. setting up new arts programs, reaching out to artists, structuring grant programs, gallery hanging hardware, etc.
  • Use of various VCAC forms and templates – The Council has developed a large number of templates and forms that may be useful to other arts organizations, e.g. Hold Harmless forms, grant application forms, entry forms, etc.
  • Coordinator of Co-op Ad in Local Media – The Council has organized an annualad in the Ventura Visitors’ Guide for individual artists and arts organizations.  This could be done in other media outlets as well.
  • Fiscal receiver for pending non-profits – Organizations that do not have their legal non-profit 501c3 status are at a disadvantage raising money because donors prefer giving to 501c3 organizations.  In such instances, and where an organization’s mission is consistent with the Art Council’s, the Council will offer to be the fiscal receiver (accepting charitable donations on its behalf) until it can receive its full non-profit status.  The Council has done this on several occasions.  It receives donations from parties and ear-marks them for specific use by the organization.  A percentage fee is charged for this service depending on the amounts of money involved and accounting resources necessary.
  • Facilitator/mediator – As a regional arts organization the Council may be in a practical position to mediate disputes between local interests, or facilitate discussions between interest groups.
  • Convener of meetings, expert panels, jurors, etc. – Parties sometimes need an outside expert panel to review art related materials or contracts.  These may be highly skilled panels that review bids for some outdoor art project, or a group of artists to serve on a jury panel for an art show, or a judge to select winners in an art competition.
  • Arts Advocacy – Advocating for the arts can be a full time activity.  Most parties do not have the expertise or time for such advocacy.  The Council has background technical information that can be useful and has testified before different bodies on behalf of a program that is consistent with its mission.
  • Producer of training sessions – Artists and arts organizations can often benefit from specialized training related to their area of focus, or to business matters in general.  If enough people would like a certain type of training, the Council can locate an expert instructor and meeting space.
  • Assist with web-based solicitation of donations, e.g. “Kick Starter”

Artists are turning to the web for assistance in funding projects.  Artists in Ventura County have been successful in soliciting donations from people who see the artist’s proposed project on the internet and then pledge funds towards a stated fundraising goal.  There are a number of web-based sites that offer these solicitation services; Kick Starter is one.  Typically, they require a limited time in which to raise the funds and report to donors on the success of the effort.  People pledge money towards the fundraising goal, but if the pledge goal is not met, then there are no charges against the donors’ credit or debit cards.  The VCAC staff can provide limited counseling on such matters.

  • For Sale/Rent/Donation or Wanted – If you have some equipment or materials that you want to dispose of or rent that could be used by artists or arts or arts organizations, let us know and we can list them here on the website.  to connect to the office with an email listing the art related items your have.  CLICK HERE to connect to this page of the website.