Arts Advocacy & Survey:
COVID-19 Pandemic Losses

The Ventura County Arts Council is advocating for some of the federal money that came into our county with the American Rescue Plan to be allocated for arts and culture. Our goal is to re-grant funds to artists and arts and culture workers and organizations that suffered economic hardships from the pandemic.

We have crafted a letter to the Ventura County Board of Supervisors in support of this goal, and we are gathering signatures from individuals and organizations who have been impacted, or who support and stand with us in advocating for these funds. We are also asking for stories of economic loss due to the pandemic, some of which we intend to use in making our case to local officials.

By completing the form below, you grant permission to VCAC to add your name to the signature page of the advocacy letter described above.

Fields marked with an asterisk are required for our reference, but we will only print on the letter your first and last name, title/occupation, organization/business name (if provided), and the city you include in your address.

Responses to the last two questions in the form below are not required, but we greatly appreciate your willingness to provide responses. By doing so, you acknowledge that all or some of your responses may be used in supplementary materials that will accompany the advocacy letter to local officials.

  • Please describe the art and/or service(s) you, your business or organization created or provided prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Detail any economic losses and/or opportunities lost related to the work you, your business or organization are engaged in, due to impacts from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Please provide specific amounts, numbers, percentages or other relevant metrics if you are able.

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