Cara Foster, Artists in the Classroom Coordinator

Cara Foster

Artists in the Classroom Coordinator

Cara graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a degree in history. During her undergraduate studies, she lived abroad for a year and attended the American University in Cairo. She later received her master’s in education and teaching credential from UCSB’s Teacher Education Program.

Cara has been a teacher for over a decade. She has taught at the primary and secondary level in Southern California and the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. She’s worked in private and public schools with diverse student populations, teaching College Preparatory, International Baccalaureate, English Learners, and at-risk students. She has taught English, Comparative Religions, various art electives, and a range of history courses.

Outside of the classroom Cara has been involved in performing and visual arts, community service projects, and outdoor education programs. She believes it is important to be an active member of the community and has volunteered to run and assist with numerous events at every school with which she has been involved.

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