Karen Narula

About Karen

  • BA from UCLA; minor in dance
  • Los Angeles/Ventura County Artists’ programs 20+ years
  • Multi-generational; Global; dancers with disabilities
  • LA Modern Dance/Ballet; LA Choreographers/Dancers
  • Professional international touring experience
  • Teaching experience includes technique classes for all ages (3-adult)

Karen Narula


Everyone Can Dance
  • Traditional dance (ballet; jazz; modern), stretching, aerobic, individual beat
  • Basic steps/vocabulary, styles, choreography, rhythm
  • Creativity, balance, trust, cooperation, collaboration
  • Culminating performance: personal expression and skills

California Arts Standards

  • DA.Cr1 Dance elements, diverse genres/creative process, vocabulary to create choreography and tell stories; introduction to music styles exploring rhythms and tempo
  • DA.C2 Students are introduced to terminology and execution instruction through use of core strength
  • DA.Cn10 Students create choreography and learn how different movements create a variety of themes and ideas
  • DA.Pr4 Children present newfound skills to an audience, perform choreography, steps, representing process/theme