Eddie Campbell

About Eddie

  • BA – USC Annenberg School: Communication; Cinema/TV
  • Golden Key International Honour Society Inductee
  • AA - Santa Monica College: Arts and Communication
  • Professional Artist and Photographer; Best-Selling Author
  • International Artist with Saatchi Art

Eddie Campbell


Figurative & Abstract Painting, Mixed Media, Artists’ History
  • Scientific experimenting-making paint from scratch
  • Creating background/foreground; Depth & Perception
  • Art Foundations; draw, sketch, paint; Color & Mixed Media
  • History of groundbreaking artists from history
  • Real world found objects as focus; Left/Right Brain work

California Arts Standards

  • PK.VA Cr1.1 Engage in self-directed or collaborative exploration with a variety of arts materials
  • 2.VA Cr1.1 Brainstorm to generate multiple approaches to an art or design problem
  • Prof.VA Cr1.1 Multiple approaches to begin creative endeavors
  • 6.VA Cr2.1 Demonstrate openness in trying new ideas, materials, methods, and approaches in making works of art and design