Marci Chorpash

Marci Chorpash


• Multi-Media, Art Principles, Techniques, Design Elements
• Historical to Contemporary Styles; Project Based Context
• Participatory Decision Making and Supportive Discussions
• Art Vocabulary, Appreciation, and Imaginative Expression • Use of Various Forms, Materials, and Application of Terms
• Communication & Organization Skills; Confidence Building
• Line, Color, Value, Tint, Scale, Perspective, Shape, Texture

About Marci

• Art Center College of Design; California Art Institute
• BA - National University San Diego
• Credentialed Multiple Subject Teacher
• Professional Illustrator and Fine Artist

California Arts Standards

• VA Cr1.2 Make art of design with various art materials and tools to explore personal interests, question, and curiosity
• VA Cr2.1 Experiment and develop skills in multiple art-making techniques and approaches through practice
• VA Cr3 Use art vocabulary to describe choices creating art
• VA Re7.2 Images determine messages communicated