Michele Foster

Michele Foster


• Masters: Matisse, Monet, Rousseau, van Gogh, etc.
• Drawing, Color Groups, Paint, Collage, Self-Expression
• Art Vocabulary, Definitions; Historical Art Appreciation
• Projects: Still Life, Mixed Media, Watercolor, and Collage
• Multicultural Global art, original work-culturally inspired

About Michele

• Santa Barbara City College; SB Ceramic Design; Fine Artist
• Bell Arts Youth Program-Director/Lead Art Teacher 15+ yrs
• Ventura Charter School Global Arts & Education 11+ yrs
• Developmental Milestones; Ventura Home School Programs
• Professional Artist: Sony Pictures; Airbrush Institute, SB

California Arts Standards

• VA Cr2.1 Students will create personally satisfying artwork using a variety of artistic processes and materials
• VA Cn10 Students will have fun creating works of art that reflect community cultural traditions
• VA Cn11 Students will compare and contrast cultural uses of artwork from different times and places