Sonya Burke

About Sonya

  • MA degree - Cal Lutheran University
  • Art therapy - University of California, Santa Barbara
  • 30+ years teaching elementary/junior high school
  • Owner: Art and Soul Studios, Ventura, CA
  • Art teacher: Vita Art Center, Boys and Girls Club
  • Experienced in ceramics, 2D/3D, mixed media, and sculpting

Sonya Burke

Courses - Visual Arts

We Are Creative
  • Understand creativity and skill building
  • Practice problem solving while creating
  • Overcoming creative blocks
  • Collaborate with others
  • Use critical thinking while connecting to works of art
  • Create 3D abstract and figurative sculptures
  • Experiment with various sculpting materials
  • Experiment with form and structure
  • Refine and complete sculptural works of art
2D/3D Sculpting
  • Organize and develop steps for creative expression
  • Practice and develop growth in artistic work and presentation
  • Collaborate and combine ideas to explore outcomes
  • Practice the 3 techniques of hand building with clay
  • Examine a variety of modern and historical works in ceramics
  • Vocabulary and understanding of the three states of clay
  • Develop competency in hand building skills to generate artistic work
Mixed Media
  • Explore art as symbolic language
  • Imagine an artistic idea and implement it
  • Interpret, reflect, and share artistic works
  • Experiment with a variety of art

California Arts Standards

  • VA Cr1.1 Creativity and innovative thinking are essential life skills that can be developed.
  • VA Cr2.1 Artists and designers experiment with forms, structures, materials, concepts, media, and art-making approaches.
  • VA Cr2.2 Artists and designers balance experimentation and safety, freedom, and responsibility while developing and creating artworks.
  • VA Cr2.3 People create and interact with objects, places, and design, and this defines, shapes, enhances, and empowers their lives.
  • VA Cr7.1 Individual aesthetic and empathetic awareness developed through engagement with art can lead to understanding and appreciation of self, others, the natural world, and constructed environments.