Elementary School Mini Grants

This grant is currently closed.

The Ventura County Arts Council Elementary School Arts Mini-Grant Program, established in 2004, provides a source of support for Ventura County elementary schools to partner with local arts organizations and artists to bring standards-based arts into K-6 classrooms. Awarded funds may also be used to take a classroom to a Ventura County arts venue for an educational program.

Study after study has concluded that students benefit from an education that includes the arts as part of the core curriculum because it encourages 1) creative thinking, 2) team problem solving, 3) risk taking, 4) delayed gratification, and 5) excellence as the standard. All are essential to job preparedness in the information age.


Ventura County Arts Council Elementary School Arts Mini-Grants are available to Ventura County elementary school K-6 classrooms that partner with a Ventura County artist or arts organization. Only one application per school will be funded per funding cycle; this grant may not be used to fund a VCAC Artists in the Classroom residency. All funded programs must take place during the school day. No after-school programs will be funded.

All arts disciplines are considered. Funds can be used to pay the artist, organization, tickets or school-provided transportation to a local venue. The funds may NOT be used for equipment or to pay for an existing in-school arts program.

Application Guidelines

VCAC is not currently accepting applications for Mini-Grants.

Application narratives must list specific guiding principles as contained in the Visual and Performing Arts Content Standards for California Public Schools, Pre-kindergarten through Grade Twelve.

Projects are selected on the criteria of:

  1. Learning experiences structured by the California Arts Content Standards
  2. Utilization of local artist resources
  3. Ongoing learning that uses this project as a springboard for continuing arts education and/or integration with other content areas


The Ventura County Arts Council’s Elementary School Arts Mini-grant of $500 to $1000 is intended to be partial funding for the program/project. Cash support is required from the school, district, or PTA: 25% of the amount requested from VCAC must be matched with new money from the schools. In-kind is not acceptable as a match.

Sample: $500 is requested from VCAC. A cash match from the school, district or PTA of $125 is required for a total of $625 toward the program/project. 75% of VCAC funding must be assigned to arts provider (artist or arts organization) via stipend or ticket purchases, or district provided transportation to Ventura County venue.

75% of the requested funds will be issued upon grant approval. The remaining 25% will be supplied when evaluation and documentation materials are received.

Students in an art classroom

Final Evaluation

Documentation through photographs, quotes, video clips when possible should be included with final evaluation materials. Final budget showing how money was distributed with receipts will be reviewed as well.

Evaluations will be submitted separately by each of the project partners upon completion of the project. The grantee is responsible for forwarding the appropriate evaluation form to other partners in the project. The remaining half of the grant will be issued when evaluation and documentation materials are received.

How to Apply

Please download the application below, fill it out and email it to info@vcartscouncil.org. Incomplete applications will be returned without being reviewed. Applicants will be notified by email and hard copy after the review panel has made its decision.

Questions should be directed to Ventura County Arts Council at info@vcartscouncil.org.


This grant is made possible by the John and Beverly Stauffer Foundation.

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