Pianos In The Street Hit Ventura County

Pianos in Public – Santa Barbara does it on State Street, and other cities around the world have placed pianos in public places for passers-bye to play to their hearts content. Google this topic to see the range of locations where pianos have been located. Often the donated up-right pianos are painted by artists before their public appearances. When they have outlived their usefulness, other artists have been known to use various parts of the pianos for other artful purposes.

Our program first took hold when Café on A in downtown Oxnard agreed to host a donated piano and put it to good use. The Council is seeking other “hosts” or “care-takers” for future pianos. These could be a business, and individual, or organization that will manage the piano and put it to productive public use.   Pianos might be hosted by a school and moved about the campus, or by a City and brought out for public events. Pianos left outside need special attention and covers to endure the elements. The Arts Council believes it can locate suitable pianos, but also needs “hosts’, piano movers and tuners to make the program hum.