Sonya Burke

About Sonya

  • MA degree - Cal Lutheran University
  • Art therapy - University of California, Santa Barbara
  • 30+ years teaching elementary/junior high school

Sonya Burke

Courses - Literary Arts

Playing With Words
  • Discover the power of words
  • Create art using words
  • Experiment with weight of words
  • Develop ways of communicating meaning
  • Refine and share
Comic Strip Drama
  • Develop understanding of voice, tone and body language
  • Experiment with a variety of methods to portray a scene
  • Work to discover different ways of communicating meaning
  • Rehearse, refine and present
Stop Motion Animation
  • Generate characters using modeling clay
  • Collaborate on story line and settings

California Arts Standards

  • AS 1 Generate and Conceptualize Artistic Ideas and Work
  • AS 2 Organize and Develop Artistic Ideas and Work
  • AS 3 Refine and Complete Artistic Work
  • AS 4 Select, Analyze, and Interpret Artistic Work for Presentation
  • AS 5 Develop and Refine Artistic Techniques and Work for Presentation
  • AS 6 Convey Meaning Through the Presentation of Artistic Work