Jamie Gangwes

About Jamie

  • BA degree in Environmental Studies: Nature, Culture, & Arts - Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame
  • Experience in sustainable textiles, art history, drawing, and silk screen printing
  • Wilderness Outdoor Leadership Foundation Camp Counselor
ImageJamie Gangwes

Jamie Gangwes


*Each course is accommodated to the corresponding grade level

  • Still drawing of objects in classroom environment
  • Outdoor space journaling & still drawing
  • Soil Painting
  • Drawing with non-traditional items
Indigenous Art
  • History of indigenous art
  • Explore indigenous artworks
  • Create an indigenous inspired artwork
Endangered Species Project
  • Identify and research existing endangered species
  • Create a 2D/3D art project of species of choice out of natural materials
Natural Dye
  • History of natural dyes
  • Learn about the impacts of Fast Fashion
  • Demonstrate how to make natural dye and use ancient Japanese dyeing techniques
2D/3D Upcycle Project
  • Learn the major environmental impacts
  • Create informative artwork using non-traditional items, such as trash and recyclable items

California Arts Standards

  • 4.VA:Cr1.1: Brainstorm individual and collaborative approaches to a creative art or design problem.
  • PK.VA:Cr1.2: Engage in self-directed, creative art-making.
  • 1.VA:Cr1.2: Use observation and investigation in preparation for making a work of art.
  • 7.VA:Cr1.2: Develop criteria to guide making a work of art or design to meet an identified goal.
  • Prof.VA:Cr1.2: Shape an artistic investigation of an aspect of present-day life using a contemporary practice of art or design.
  • 1.VA.Cr2.1: Explore uses of materials and tools to create works of art or design.
  • 2.VA:Cr2.1: Experiment with various materials and tools to explore personal interests in a work of art or design.
  • 6.VA:Cr2.1: Demonstrate openness in trying new ideas, materials, methods, and approaches in making works of art and design.
  • Prof.VA:Cr2.1: Engage in making a work of art or design without having a preconceived plan.
  • PK.VA:Cr2.2 Share art materials with others.
  • 1.VA.Cr2.2: Demonstrate safe and proper procedures for using materials, tools, and equipment while making art.
  • 6.VA:Cr2.2: Explain environmental implications of conservation, care, and clean-up of arts, materials, tools and equipment.
  • Prof.VA:Cr2.2: Explain how traditional and nontraditional materials may impact human health and the environment and demonstrate safe handling of materials, tools, and equipment.
  • PK.VA.Cr2.3: Create and tell about art that communicates a story about a familiar place or object.
  • K.VA:Cr2.3: Create art that represents natural and constructed environments.
  • 2.VA:Cr2.3: Repurpose found objects to make a new artwork or design.
  • PK.VA:Cr3: Share and talk about personal artwork.
  • PK.VA:Re7.1: Recognize art in one's environment.
  • PK.VA:Cn11: Recognize the purpose of an artwork.